Some of your videos may be too large to email as an attachment. If your file is too large, follow either of the steps below to send your video.
[Note: If using Movie Maker click on the Save Movie Icon which is located to the right of Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo icons and to the left of MSN-Sign In icon.]

The steps to send your saved video via or convert your video to either a Google Doc or YouTube video are included below.

To send via
Click on Add files icon (left hand side of the screen)
Enter [email protected] in Friend’s Email box
Enter Your email in Your Email box
Click on Transfer Icon to send file

To make your video a Google Doc:
Go to 
Create a login if you do not already have one
Click the underlined arrow icon and upload a file
Select the file from your computer/flash drive
Once document finishes uploading click on Share
Change who has access to anyone with the link and click green Save button
Then press blue Done button
Click on Share link for upload and then copy (right click and then Copy) and paste link to an email

To make a YouTube video:
Go to
Create a login if you do not already have one
Click on upload and then and select video files to upload
Change privacy to unlisted and put in my email address ([email protected]) to share with
Once video is done uploading then share the YouTube link