Bunker Hill Community College has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety as our new emergency alerts service.

If you are an active faculty or staff member, you should have received an email confirming your enrollment in Rave with a link to log in and customize your account. To opt-in to receive text messages to your mobile phone, text-to-voice calls to your mobile or landline phone or email messages to a personal email address, go to getrave.com/login/bhcc (use the login/password for your BHCC email address). This feature is available to current students and current faculty and staff only—that is, staff who are marked as “Active” in Colleague, or faculty who have taught a class in one of the past 4 major terms (fall, spring).

In addition, anyone—including family members, community members and campus visitors—can sign up to receive emergency text alerts. If you aren’t an active faculty or staff member but would like to receive emergency alerts, you can text BHCCAlert to 226787 to opt-in for text message alerts. Message and Data rates may apply. You can text “Stop” at any time to cancel text messages.

Learn more about BHCC Emergency Alerts at bhcc.edu/alertsignup

Student Email Account

Bunker Hill Community College is improving our email.  We are providing you with a system that will be easy to use. You may notice that your email interface may look differently. Messages under your legacy iPlanet account have been migrated to the new system.

Passwords for all accounts have been set to your WebAdvisor password.

The new URL to access student e-mail at Bunker Hill Community College is:


Student Email Account_pic1

One important note is that your login will be the same for your email as it is for your WebAdvisor login.  We hope that this will be more convenient for you since you will have one login and password for both of these applications.

If you are having trouble login in you may reset your password under online services by clicking on What’s My Password in the lower right hand corner of the WebAdvisor main page. https://onlineservices.bhcc.edu

Logging into your e-Mail Account

  • Open your Internet Browser (ex: Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.)
  • In the address bar, type in HTTPS://WEBMAIL.BHCC.EDU
  • A security window will appear:Student Email Account_pic2
  • Click yes to continue
  • In the “User ID’ field, type in your WebAdvisor password
  • Press TAB to move cursor to the “Password” field
  • Type in your password
  • Click “Login”
  • Once Logged in, you will be viewing your “Inbox”

Instructions to assist students on resetting their Online Services Password

From the main page of Online Services

Click on the link what’s my password? in the bottom right of the screen.

The next page will appear with three options:

What’s my password?

I might remember: Show my password hint
I don’t remember: Reset my password
I’m new to WebAdvisor: Set up my password

Have the student choose the 2nd option – I don’t remember: Reset my password

The next page will appear requiring the student to provide the following:

Reset my password 
In order to retrieve your User ID you must fill in your last name and one of the two additional identifying numbers.
* = Required

Last Name* 

Student ID  

The next screen will appear

Select an e-mail address 
* = Required

Send my temporary password to this email address*

Select an email address that has been provided and the next screen will appear

Reset Password Confirmation

****Process will take approximately 3 minutes to reset ****

Your password has been reset to the last 6 digits of your social security number if you have one. Otherwise, it is the last 6 digits of your student ID. The temporary password will be sent to this e-mail address immediately: [email protected]

The student can then click on the LOG IN button at the top of the page and enter their User ID and the Password they have just been provided with.

Click Submit and the next screen will appear.
Student Email Account_pic3
On the top line the student will enter his/her user ID next to – User ID *

Second line the Student will enter the password they were just provided next to – Old Password *

Third and forth line the student will enter a New Password * & Confirm Password *, the new password must be 6 to 9 characters in length and include both letters and numbers.

Line five My password hint field is optional.

The student then clicks SUBMIT

In the upper left hand corner of the screen should now appear Welcome followed by the student’s name.

The student has successfully logged into Online Services.